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Audio / Video

A Podcast Recording Studio

Whether you’re recording an episode on video, shooting marketing images, hosting an exciting guest, or looking for a steady space to work, our beautifully designed space is the perfect backdrop for any brand or personal podcast.

At Hangr Coworks in Clifton park, we give you access to the only dedicated public Podcast Recording Studio in the Capital Region.

With all the tools you need right at hand, all you need to bring is your A-game:

Studio highlights include sound-absorbing panels, professional lighting, multiple professional 4K cameras, digital-mixer, professional grade microphones, even audio/video engineers for those wanting a professional production option for their podcast. 

Customize Your Experience

*Hangr Coworks Member rates. Please inquire for non-member rates. The Hangr Studio is available   weekdays 9:00am to 5:00pm for non-members and 24/7 for members.

Studio Access

from $50/hr.*

1 hr. minimum

Private dedicated recording studio, available to record your next podcast or zoom call onto your own personal equipment in a sound insulated studio. 


  • Access to high speed wifi connection for streaming
  • Comfortable adjustable chairs for you and your guest

Audio Podcast Setup

Audio recording from $75/hr.*

1 hr. minimum

Podcast Studio set up with audio recording equipment, assisted by our staff who will help you in making the connection and prepare your room for your session. 


  • Laptop and mixer for managing your podcast audio recording session
  • Professional microphones for you and your guest

Audio & Video Setup

Audio / Video from $100/hr.*

1 hr. minimum

High quality audio & video file from your recording session, this package will allow you access to our fully configured audio and video recording equipment. 


  • Laptop & Mixer for managing your podcast recording session
  • Professional microphones for you and your guest
  • 4K wide-angle digital autofocus camera
  • 42" TV/Display for brand messaging 

At the end of your recording session, you simply disconnect and take your audio/video file with you for off-site editing or publishing.  If you require a portable drive, we can provide you with an external USB of your recording for a fee of $20.00. 

When you're ready to step it up a notch!

Engineering, Production & Post Editing

When you need to go beyond just simple recording of your podcast or video. The inhouse production team at Hangr Coworks can work with you to help you produce, record and finalize your audio & video with everything you need for a professional final product. 

Video & Audio Engineering

Professional Production Staff

Hangr will provide you with 1-2 Video/Audio engineers, for pre-recording meeting, in-session production, audio mixing and multi-camera recording with our top-of-the-line Professional SONY Digital Cameras, Professional Microphones for multi-angle audio and video for that professional post production. 

Post Production & Editing

File and data handling after the recording

Your production team will process and edit your recorded files to help you produce a finished podcast with business branding, opening screens, title overlays, smooth video transitions as well as final credit screens. Your final production will be provided on an external digital drive or uploaded for easy download, formatted for the distribution channel of your choice.

Additional formatted files for other social or video platforms may also be requested.   

What's Included?

Pre/Post Production Services from $75/hr.
  • Pre-Production Meeting
  • 1 or 2 Professional Audio/Video Engineers
  • Studio Preparation and Setup
  • Up to 3 Camera Angle Recording
  • Up to 3 Audio Recording Points (mics)
  • Digital Branding on 42" Monitor in Studio
  • Adjusted Studio Lighting
  • Scene Lighting as needed
  • File prep for social/distribution channel
  • Completed file upload to sharable platform
  • Digital Data File ($20 fee for USB drive if media not not provided)



per hour

$75.00/hour optional service, fee not included with your Podcast Studio Rental fee, if requested.  (Typical pre/post production will require actual studio time and minimum 2 hours of post production. )

Completed recording can be provided for download or on a external USB drive for an additionla fee of $20.